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‘OK, so now what?’: Kolbell examines the Lazarus story

‘OK, so now what?’: Kolbell examines the Lazarus story

For most of Week One, the Rev. Erik Kolbell presided over the morning worship services, but he served as chaplain Friday. Outside Chautauqua, Kolbell serves as the First Minister of Social Justice at Riverside Church in New York City. He is a clinical psychotherapist and the author of six books.

His sermon, “OK, So Now What?” reflected on the story of Lazarus’ miraculous return to life in John 11:32-41.

There is a multiplicity of approaches to the story of Lazarus, “each one as fraught and freighted as the next,” Kolbell said. Rather than examine the text of the scripture historically, Kolbell analyzed the story from Lazarus’ point of view.

“What did it mean to him, to get a second chance?” Kolbell said, as he encouraged the audience to imagine Lazarus’ re-entrance into life. “Lazarus might have used this opportunity to make some real changes.”