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Fowler-Kellogg exhibits deep, thoughtful work

Fowler-Kellogg exhibits deep, thoughtful work

Scrap metal, cereal boxes, tea bags, plastic container lids: “Recycle. Reuse. Reinvent.” It is an exhibition of art sponsored by the Visual Arts at Chautauqua Institution.

But are there no limits, no boundaries, for the artist? Scrap metal?

“Recycle. Reuse. Reinvent.” is Judy Barie’s nominative for a harvest of invention, for an art that looks out and beyond rather than drilling analytically into some reduction. Barie is VACI curator and director of the galleries on Wythe.

One might figure Barie’s parallel exhibition in the Fowler-Kellogg Art Center as a counterweight notion to the ebullience of the ecology of “Recycle.” The parallel show is called “Transitions in Black and White,” meaning how one essentially black and white work in one medium transitions into a black and white work in another medium.

But guess again. Those artists are more interested in addition than subtraction.

Fowler-Kellogg embraces multimedia challenge

Fowler-Kellogg embraces multimedia challenge

This season, the Fowler-Kellogg Art Center has created a different world on each of its floors.

Downstairs is a subtle, stylish, black-and-white affair that explores the depth of the two most basic colors. Upstairs is a multimedia romp through a playground of colorful re-imaginations of everyday objects.

Sunday at 3 p.m. is the opening reception of the two shows, “Transitions in Black and White” and “Recycle. Reuse. Reinvent.”

Judy Barie, director of galleries for the Visual Arts at Chautauqua Institution, curated both shows.

“I really enjoy doing two completely different shows,” she said.