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Ethel pushes boundaries of string quartet

Ethel pushes boundaries of string quartet

Ethel means nothing.

“It’s just a name. And it’s very liberating,” violist Ralph Farris said. “There are so many groups that are ‘Such and Such String Quartet,’ and then they are roped in to being a string quartet. We certainly are a string quartet. We look like a string quartet, we play those instruments, but at the same time, we have traveled down a slightly different path.”

The only label Ethel fits is “post-classical string ensemble,” a loose term. Beyond that, the sky is the limit. The quartet will perform at 4 p.m. today in Elizabeth S. Lenna Hall as part of the Logan Chamber Music Series.

Ethel formed in 1998 with a commission by John King to play at the Philadelphia Ballet. The group took the same piece outside of the ballet setting and onto a concert stage. They have been moving from space to space ever since, displacing traditions and conventions as they go.