Children’s School hosts first Open House of the season

The children, wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, ran to meet their family as they gathered on the lawn in front of the Children’s School.

Following the Open House introduction provided by Kit Trapasso, school director, families participated in the interactive play How to Train a Train, and then found their way to the appropriate classroom to begin activities.

This was one of many bonding opportunities among parents and children during the Children’s School first Open House event of the season on July 17.

Parents and children gathered in a circle — some standing — some sitting. Suddenly, a brown and white stuffed-animal dog appeared from behind the back of Joann Borg, Green Room lead teacher.

“Do we know what this is?” Borg asked.

The children shouted, “Rags!”

“That is right, this is our classroom friend Rags,” she said. “Have you been teaching your parents the Rags Song?”

Borg led the song, and everyone joined in: “His ears flip-flop and his tail wig-wags, and when he runs he goes zig-zag. He goes flip-wiggle-waggle-zig. I love Rags and he loves me.”

After the children sang, the children passed Rags around the room, hugging the stuffed animal as they handed it off.

Trapasso said wonderful things are happening at Children’s School, and the Open House is a way for parents to see what their children have been doing all week during the program. Parents receive the opportunity to see the classrooms, listen to the music therapist and watch the creative movement teacher.

“Now that we have a music person, a movement person, someone who reads to the children and an opera person coming every week, I want parents to see all of the great things going that we are doing,” Trapasso said. “They get a chance to actually see what we are doing in this space now and again in August.”

Each class set up participation stations for children and parents to complete an activity together.

“This gives parents the opportunity to move around the building and see other classrooms,” Trapasso said.

The theme for 3-year-olds in the Green Room was “Sail Boat Craft.” Parents and children decorated papers sailboats and folded them to perfection.

For 3-year-olds in the Red Room, the theme was “Shape Choo Choo Craft,” and they made arts and crafts trains. The Purple room, for 4-year-olds, theme was “Build and Launch Airplanes,” and everyone decorated, folded and launched airplanes.

The 5-year-olds in the Blue and Yellow rooms participated in painting lead teacher John Denton’s car in the activity “Paint My Ride.”

“We started painting yesterday and we have a pretty good base coat,” Denton said.

Those who did not partake in making Denton’s truck a rainbow on wheels went back to the classroom and built race tracks and made paper airplanes.

The oldest group, Group one, made up of 6-year-olds, incorporated technology in their “Multimedia Aliens” activity.

Aside from the range of activities taking place in each room, the Children’s School hosted a fundraiser for Old First Night. Refreshments, T-shirts, posters and postcards were sold. The proceeds will be donated to Chautauqua on Old First Night Aug. 4.