Food and friendship: CPOA hosts annual area picnics

The Chautauqua Property Owners Association will host their annual area picnics from 5:30 to 7 p.m. tonight across the grounds. The community is invited to share in this evening of food and friendship with their area representatives. The CPOA provides a food or drink item for each area, and residents are encouraged to bring an item to share depending on the street they live on or their last name.

“The goal is community outreach and fellowship — a chance to meet new neighbors and reconnect with one another,” said Barbara Brady, vice president of the CPOA.

Area 1 & 2 (Combined):

Location: Miller Park, near Miller Cottage end of park

CPOA provides: Sub sandwiches

What to bring: Dish to share; salads, desserts, own beverage, utensils, blanket or chairs

Area 3:

Location: South Lake at South Avenue, near Heinz Beach

CPOA provides: Fried chicken

What to bring: A-J: main course, K-P: salad/side, Q-Z: dessert

Area 4:

Location: BTG Arboretum

CPOA provides: Paper goods, utensils, drinks

What to bring: Dish to share: main, salad, dessert and own chair

Area 5 & 6 (Combined):

Location: Lincoln Park, Judson to Janes at Palestine

CPOA provides: Live music, burgers, hot dogs, soft drinks, plates, napkins, flatware

What to bring: Dish to share: salad, side, dessert, chips, pasta, etc.

Area 7

Location: Elizabeth S. Lenna Hall, south side lawn

CPOA provides: Fried chicken and plates, etc.

What to bring: A-H: salad or fruit, I-O: vegetable or chips, P-Z: dessert

Area 8:

Location: The orchard between Harper and Stoessel

CPOA provides: Beef on Weck and bottled water

What to bring: Plates, utensils, beverages, glasses, chairs and tables; a dish to share: appetizer, salad, casserole, vegetable, or dessert

Area 9 & 10 (Combined)

Location: University Park at Andrews and Harris

CPOA provides: Subs, pizza, fried chicken, plates, napkins, flatware

What to bring: A dish to share (depending on which street you live on)

Area 9 street assignments:

Prospect, Maple, Evergreen, Oak: salad

Hazlett, Gebbie, Elm, North: dessert

North Lake, Pratt, Hedding, Cook, Woolsey: appetizer

Area 10 street assignments:

Irving, Harris, McClintock: salad

Scott, Root, Hurst: dessert

Forest, Wiley, North Lake: appetizer