SLIDESHOW: MSFO students visit Children’s School to introduce their instrument

“What does the double bass sound like to you?” said Lauren Rodewald, a double bass player in the Music School Festival Orchestra. The kids eagerly answered, “A cow!”

Close — Rodewald and her colleagues did perform a song called “Elephant” to the students last Friday.

Every week, a different section of the MSFO comes to Children’s School and teaches a new instrument to the children. The purpose is to introduce the instruments to the children at a young age.

This week, seven bass players visited the school.

“We showed them the strings and the bow,” Rodewald said. “We played a few duets and showed the kids how to bow at the end of the performance.”

Throughout the performance, the students watched intently and asked many questions. The demonstration ended with the children singing “The Children’s School Song” to the melody played by the double bass instrumentalists.

“It was so cute,” Rodewald said. “They stood up and did the motions while we played for them.”