CPOA general meeting to cover Amp construction issues

The Chautauqua Property Owners Association will use its first general meeting 9 a.m. Saturday in the Hall of Philosophy as a forum to discuss concerns about how construction to the Amphitheater could affect private homes on the grounds.

Chautauqua Institution Director of Operations John Shedd will address issues that might affect property owners when construction occurs during an upcoming off-season. Concerns include water drainage, vibration damage, infrastructure damage, changes to road surfaces, effect on utility service to private homes and potential impact on pipelines and fire protection equipment.

A document containing the topics of discussion and a proposed ingress and egress route will be available at the meeting.

Shedd will address access to properties adjacent to the Amphitheater during construction and whether owners will have access to parking at properties and along construction. Insurance coverage for adjacent properties and plans for nearby denominational houses with year-round programming and will also be topics of discussion.

Tom Cherry, supervisor of the Chautauqua Utility District, will attend the meeting to address questions regarding the CUD.

CPOA President Bill Neches said this will not be a time to discuss the pros and cons of any of the proposed Amphitheater projects in particular, but a time to discuss concerns of residents living near the Amphitheater or residents on an ingress or egress route.

“Regardless of what kind of project it is, there are going to be trucks and heavy machinery coming in and out,” Neches said.

The CPOA will also discuss plans for informing community members as more information about plans for the Amphitheater are decided.