Milanov to greet community at Symphony Partners Brown Bag

The Symphony Partners hosts the first of its three Brown Bag “Meet the Musicians” events at 12:15 p.m. today in Smith Wilkes Hall.

Orchestra liaison Lenelle Morse said the event almost took form as “Hot Dogs with the Top Dog,” but she figured the community had reached its saturation point with Chautauqua Institution’s many picnics. Instead, this “Meet the Musicians” takes shape as a Q-and-A session with the new music director Rossen Milanov.

Hot dogs or not, Morse said opportunities like this demonstrate how the Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra uniquely integrates with the community.

“There is this ability for personal connections between musicians and audience members — you don’t get that in a lot of places,” she said.

Morse, who also plays violin with the orchestra, said she is excited to introduce Milanov to the community for his first season.

“We went through the huge search last summer,” Morse said. “[Milanov] is a wonderful musician, and he was a real standout as far as being a face of the orchestra. He’s very collegial and congenial. That’s something that is just vital at Chautauqua.”

The event notably serves as another instance of Milanov familiarizing himself with his audience.  He said he wants to get the full Chautauqua experience in his first season.

“Now facing this wonderful opportunity to spend seven out of the nine weeks of the summer in Chautauqua, I’m sure I’ll gain even greater understanding and insight of what this place is and how it functions and all of the written or unwritten traditions and how I can fit in,” he said.