Violinist Roumain to bring ‘Music, Melody, You & Me’ to Family Entertainment Series



Violinist Daniel Bernard Roumain is always in tune.

If one prods further, they will find a Roumain from his 2009 dreadlock days, playing the violin with Lady Gaga on “American Idol.”

He is a man of multiple harmonious capabilities, and Chautauquans will get a chance to watch the composer and violinist perform at “Music, Melody, You & Me” at 7 p.m. today in Smith Wilkes Hall as part of the Family Entertainment Series.

His performance is underwritten by DFT Communications, Partners in Technology, the fourth time the company will sponsor an FES event.

Roumain is a Haitian American. His education includes a doctorate in music composition from the University of Michigan.

While his favorite instrument is the violin, he also plays guitar, piano, flute and drums, among 30 other instruments.

“I learned all these different instruments because it helps me compose music and bring in different sounds together,” Roumain said. “My music is reflective of Haitian culture and percussion.”

From Prince to Nina Simone to Joni Mitchell; all of these musicians are Roumain’s musical heroes and inspirations.

“I am an eclectic composer,” Roumain said. “My music draws from black America, rock, jazz and soul music.”