Hultquist Foundation to continue sponsorship of MSFO

Whether performing at events like the president’s Bestor Society address or simply rehearsing in the School of Music practice shacks, the Music School Festival Orchestra students and conductors offer the Chautauqua community the opportunity to enjoy beautiful music each summer.

This season, the Hultquist Foundation has decided to support the MSFO at Chautauqua once again.

“The Hultquist Foundation has supported and has continued to support Chautauqua Institution with respect to its programming and needs,” said Tom Flowers, president of the Hultquist Foundation.

Hultquist is a nonprofit organization and, in addition to serving the Jamestown community by donating approximately $750,000 to charitable organizations each year, has also been supporting the MSFO for more than two decades.

Flowers said that the foundation is proud to help the Institution, as he believes Chautauqua also helps the surrounding region.

“We recognize that Chautauqua is an important economic [factor] in our community,” Flowers said. “It not only brings in financial resources to the community, but it also makes it possible for people in our area to go hear nationally known and internationally known speakers and increase the quality of life in the county.”

For more information on underwriting opportunities at Chautauqua, please contact Tina Downey, director of the Chautauqua Fund, at 716-357-6406 or