Volunteering, giving back keeps Moore connected

Provided photo
Sally Moore, Chautauqua Fund volunteer, stands in front of the Chautauqua Belle with a friend.

Family brought her here, nostalgia brought her back, and for Sally Moore, her rekindled love for the Institution is the driving force behind her decision to become a Chautauqua Fund volunteer.

“I went to Chautauqua as a child with my family,” Moore said. “I just remembered the place and kept thinking about it over the years. We were busy working and having a family, but after things got a little more relaxed, I wanted to go back. The rest is history. It was as wonderful as I remember back in the 60s.”

Moore, still in her first year as a volunteer, said that to remember Chautauqua was to remember what it was like to be a child. And it continues to feel that way even as time passes.

“I think what I remembered most was the freedom,” she said. “The freedom, the things to do, the things to learn. There was some kind of excitement and opportunity. Now, I see those same qualities as an adult, just from a different perspective. It brings back a sense of childhood. A sense that life is about learning and it’s about growing and that there’s always something new and exciting around the corner.”

Moore said that her decision to volunteer was as much an effort to extend her Chautauqua experience into the off-season as an effort on behalf of the Institution.

“It’s such a wonderful place that I want to help it,” Moore said. “I want to extend the summer and be connected to it beyond the summer weeks.”

In December of last year, Moore and her husband donated to the Institution on Giving Tuesday, a national day of giving.

The Boeing Company, where Moore worked previously in research and development, specifically matched her gift.

“A corporation, like an individual, wants to be socially responsible,” Moore said. “They also want to reflect the interest of their employees, so what they’ll do is say that if you, as an employee, give a certain amount of money and tell us how much you gave, then we, as a company, will match that money to a certain amount.”

For many companies, their corporate matching policy includes matching active employee gifts 100 percent, and matching retired employee gifts 50 percent.

“I knew I was retiring in April, and that was a big part of my motivation,” Moore said.

Although Moore loves the opportunity to give back to her community and to stay engaged in the Institution from a distance, the main incentive for volunteering is to bolster Chautauqua’s mission.

“I think Chautauqua is a dual place. There’s this great mixture of being comfortable and yet reaching out to everybody and being inclusive that I think is unique,” Moore said. “To help get that message out, to help expand that mission statement and to help the Institution grow is something that I would love to help do.”

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at Chautauqua, please contact Tina Downey, 716-357-6406 or tdowney@ciweb.org.