CPOA to deliberate proposed plan for sewer plant improvements

The Chautauqua Property Owners Association will hold a general meeting at 9 a.m. Saturday in the Hall of Christ. The meeting will be preceded by a CPOA open forum at 8:30 a.m., and followed at 10 a.m. by a Chautauqua Institution Trustees Open Forum, also in the Hall of Christ.

There are several topics on the CPOA meeting agenda, including wastewater management. The Chautauqua Utility District will be holding a vote in August to either approve or reject CUD’s proposed plan for sewer plant improvements, which would mean an increase in property taxes.

Tom Cherry, supervisor of CUD, will give a short presentation at Saturday’s meeting about the sewer plant project and to answer questions from the community.

“I want to give people as much information as possible to allow them comfortable room to either vote for or against the project,” Cherry said.

Cherry said there will also be a professional engineer from Nussbaumer & Clarke in attendance to answer any specific sewer engineering questions the public may have.