Wegmans serves as Week Two program sponsor for ‘Feeding a Hungry Planet’

All across the country and the world, households are food-insecure and struggling to maintain a consistent source of sustenance. This summer, Chautauqua Institution has committed to bringing this issue of local and global hunger to the forefront with the Week Two lecture theme, “Feeding a Hungry Planet.”

Wegmans Food Markets has partnered with the Institution and will be utnderwriting the 10:45 a.m. morning lectures for the week. According to Wegmans spokesperson Jeanne Colleluori, the private family-owned supermarket chain is “thrilled” to be a program sponsor at Chautauqua.

“I’ve never been [to Chautauqua] and it has been on my list of things to do,” Colleluori said. “When this opportunity came up to help out Wegmans and be there for some of the events, my hand quickly went up as a volunteer.”

Colleluori said the problem of hunger is one the company feels deserves attention.

“We’ve realized that in some areas of our own country — as well areas around the world — making great meals easy is not easy,” Colleluori said. “We thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to help further the conversation and further consumer education about the challenges of making sure food is available every day around the world.”

When it comes to food and hunger as a topic, Colleluori said that education is key.

“We are so fortunate in this country that, for the most part, when we want food it is available to us,” Colleluori said. “I think its very easy for us to forget that there are some areas of our country, even areas of our own personal communities, that food is not as easily available as we may think it is.”

And understanding the technology plays a large part in understanding the process of feeding the world.

“As you look at the challenges of a growing population and how we are going to produce enough food to feed this growing population — that’s going to require technology, and technology is sometimes very scary to the consumer,” Colleluori said. “So I think the topic of education is extremely important. Instead of just developing the technology and keeping it a secret, it’s important for the consumers to understand what the technology is, what it achieves and why it’s necessary to keep food on our tables.”

Aside from helping Americans make great meals easy, at the core of Wegmans’ other missions is education that can be applied at home. With cooking coaches in the store and recipes available to follow, Wegmans is committed to the health of their customers and their families.

“Whether [it] means making sure our pricing is correct or whether it means making sure they understand how to do it,” Colleluori said. “We want to make sure that customers are able to put nutritious meals on the table.”