In Week Four, Children’s School makes a mess, hears opera, sees fire truck

Greg Funka | Staff PhotographerThe 2013 staff of Chautauqua Children’s School.

Greg Funka | Staff Photographer

The 2013 staff of Chautauqua Children’s School.

Things got a little messy at the Children’s School this week. Luckily for parents, the students didn’t have to bring their work home with them.

While the grownups delved into messy matters of “Markets, Morals and the Social Contract,” the Week Four theme at the Children’s School was “Ooey Gooey,” and the accompanying activities encompassed a range of hands-on fun.

The 3s played with shaving cream, learned about blending different colors, painted with marbles, made paintings out of pasta and watercolor and messed around with Slime.

The 4s did the same spaghetti painting and shaving cream play, but also  made “flubber,” bubble paintings and clay sculptures. They made paintings out of Karo Corn Syrup, a starchy, sticky cooking substance that, when mixed with food dye, renders colors that are perfect for the refrigerator at home. (Not to worry, though — the mess stays at school.)

In addition to many of the activities listed above, the 5s made spaghetti, mud, and ate “Dirt Dessert,” a chocolate mixture of brownies, pudding, Oreo crumbs and gummy worms, with no more germs than a piece of cake.

Under the direction of Miriam Charney, Chautauqua Opera Company coach/accompanist, opera singers Cree Carrico (soprano) and Ethan DePuy (tenor) made an appearance at the Children’s School Wednesday morning to sing selections from Die Fledermaus, The Elixir of Love and The Pirates of Penzance.

A fire truck appeared on the scene Friday morning. No emergencies to report — just a great big “Ooey-Gooey” mess!