Clear skies: Tritt to showcase first studio album in six years, re-energized country sound in Amp tonight



It has been a busy year for country singer Travis Tritt, a welcomed change.

With the release of his newest album, The Calm After…, and his current national tour going nonstop until November, the two-time Grammy Award-winning singer will take the stage at 8:15 p.m. tonight in the Amphitheater to showcase his new album after a six-year recording hiatus.

Not only has Tritt released a new album, but he also recently took to the recording studio with his 15-year-old daughter, Tyler Reese Tritt, giving Patty Smyth’s 1992 song “Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough” a country-infused flair.

“Last year, my family and I were on our way back from a wedding in Florida, and I had my iPod plugged in and Tyler Reese was sitting in the backseat,” Tritt said in an interview with Billboard last month. “She heard the song for the first time that day and started singing it. As I was listening to her, I thought ‘She’s doing a great job on this.’ ”

The song was the first track released from his new album, which came out July 9. Tritt’s 12th album is a vamped-up retelling of his previous studio release, 2007’s The Storm.

His new album comes after a lengthy legal battle with his now-defunct independent record label, Company 5. According to Tritt’s website, the company’s founder was funding the label with illegal revenue. Due to the label’s trouble, The Storm was forgotten. The Calm After… was released under Tritt’s own, newly created label, Post Oak Recordings.

Tritt’s new batch of songs, which includes his well-known mix of rock ’n’ roll, acoustic and soul, reflects the “clear skies” that the singer is now experiencing.

“I feel so humbled and blessed to be where I am right now,” Tritt said on his website. “My voice has never been stronger, I’m constantly playing and working to become a better guitar player, banjo player, vocalist and songwriter. I am honestly as excited about the creative process and performing now as I was the day I signed my first record deal.”

Originally from Georgia, Tritt broke onto the music scene in 1990 with his first album, Country Club, for which he won a Billboard Award for Top New Male Artist. Since then, he has also received four Country Music Association Awards and two Grammys for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals.

Now that Tritt is back on his feet, he feels re-energized with the release of his new album.

“I turned 50 years old this year, strictly going off the date my mother told me that I was born,” he said on his website. “I need to go back and check my birth certificate, because I don’t feel that old. In my head, I still feel like I’m 28 years old. I have the same energy, the same amount of love for live performance and for working in the studio that I had when I was first getting started.”