Ideas for and by ‘Next Greatest Generation’ converge at panel

Brian Smith | Staff PhotographerHAYES

Brian Smith | Staff Photographer


Throughout the week, several men and women have offered their unique perspectives on “The Next Greatest Generation.” Vice President of Google[x] Megan Smith spoke about the “creative collaboration age” wrought by technology and the Internet, and James Smith of the United States Army explained the potential role of the “military millennial” generation in rehabilitating America’s value system. Dalia Mogahed, senior research advisor at the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies, lectured on U.S. engagement in the Islamic world, and political commentator Chris Hayes outlined meritocracy’s role in what he called the “fail decade.”

At 10:45 a.m. today in the Amphitheater, all four lecturers will share their different perspectives at a special panel discussion.

Roxana Pop | Staff PhotographerMOGAHED

Roxana Pop | Staff Photographer


“I think this particular panel will illustrate how getting great people networked, people from different walks of life, can achieve really interesting things,” Megan Smith said.

The conversation will bring ideas about the next greatest generation, or the millennial generation, to a head. The panel participants will discuss the challenges and responsibilities facing this generation, along with ways to address those challenges and responsibilities.

Each member of the panel draws not only on an expertise in his or her given field, but also on a strong history of bringing together people with conflicting viewpoints.



“When I was a squadron planner and an operations officer, I would get together with my staff, and we would debate,” James Smith said. “And I would encourage that debate, no matter which side it came from, whether or not I liked the ideas being presented. Group discussion is what inspires people to understand your ideas and to join your cause, because the people now play a role in the plan instead of doing something just because they’re told to.”

Mogahed comes to the panel with much experience in treading controversial ideological grounds. She has worked to “democratize the debate” between Americans and Muslims.

Hayes, host of “All In with Chris Hayes,” will moderate and participate in today’s panel.

Katie McLean | Staff PhotographerSMITH

Katie McLean | Staff Photographer