Karlan to lecture on Justice Jackson’s legacy

Sydney Maltese | Staff Writer



Pamela Karlan will speak at 4 p.m. Wednesday in the Hall of Philosophy on pressing issues before the Supreme Court and Justice Robert Jackson’s legacy.

The Kenneth and Harle Montgomery Professor of Public Interest Law at Stanford Law School, Karlan is also the co-director of the Supreme Court Litigation Clinic.

“The issues I will focus on include this past term’s decision in the Affordable Care Act case, where Jackson’s New Deal-era opinion for the court in Wickard v. Filburn was a focal point,” Karlan said.

She also plans to discuss the issue of same-sex marriage, where Jackson’s concurrence in the Railway Express case discussing the relationship between protecting liberty and protecting equality creates a very valuable framework, according to Karlan.

Time permitting, Karlan will also touch on a few of Jackson’s other significant opinions.

“I will focus on either his dissent in Korematsu or his concurrence in the Steel Seizure cases and the Supreme Court’s role in the war against terror,” Karlan said.

Those attending the special afternoon conversation can hope to learn from Justice Jackson’s work on the court.

“I was inspired by being asked to give a lecture named in honor of Justice Jackson to think about his legacy,” Karlan said. “He is a lucid thinker and writer, and his reflections on the proper role for the court in a democracy still stand as a model of clear thinking.”

Karlan is the co-author of three casebooks about constitutional law, constitutional litigation and the law of democracy. She has also penned more than 60 scholarly articles.

“I hope my listeners will take away an understanding of how framing arguments over controversial issues in constitutional law can shed light on possible answers,” Karlan said.