Postmaster looks to keep up business in offseason

As many on the grounds face the bittersweet inevitability of the end of another summer season, Chautauqua postmaster Laurie Lindquist has a suggestion that will help maintain a tie to the Institution in the upcoming off-season.

“I’d just like to remind everyone that the U.S. Postal Service’s budget troubles are not over,” she said.

Indeed, The New York Times reported this month that the postal service reported losses of $11.6 billion for the first three quarters of 2012. That compares with $5.7 billion in losses during the same period last year. Congress is expected to do something about the issue after the November elections.

Lindquist said, “A key measure in decisions on where to cut services is volume of business. A good way for Chautauquans to help keep our statistics robust off-season is to remember to buy your stamps by mail through our post office.

“It’s very easy to do, and we have plenty of pre-printed forms. We hope everyone will stop by and pick up a bunch of them before they leave at the end of the season.”