Children’s School gets messy with tactile exploration

Leah Harrison | Staff Writer

In their penultimate week this season, Children’s School is getting down and dirty with an “ooey gooey” theme. Three-, 4- and 5-year-olds will explore their tactile sense while having fun and making art.

In the Red and Green rooms, 3-year-olds will explore artistic mediums, turning from paint to much squishier, foamier, bubblier forms of expression. They will make prints using slices of fruits and vegetables and marble shaving cream and use corn starch goo to paint. Experimentation with color blending will also include shaving cream, and a chance to play with slime.

But the paint is not the only thing being replaced with a new texture; children can opt for spaghetti rather than a paintbrush to commit their vision to paper.

Tactile exploration will also occupy Purple and Orange rooms as the 4-year-olds play with shaving cream and paint with chocolate pudding. Both 3- and 4-year-olds will play with “flubber.”

For the literary portion of the week, 3-year-olds will focus on colors as books explore them. They will read White Rabbit’s Color Book, Snappy Little Colors, A Rainbow All Around Me, Mary Wore Her Red Dress and Mouse Paint.

Unless the Chautauqua Cinema contains an immoderate amount of chewed gum, this week’s special event will exceed the boundaries of “ooey gooey.”

Children’s School will take a trip to the movies to see “Winnie the Pooh,” about the bear famously attached to his own ooey-gooey honey pot.