Children’s School helps young carrot reach his full potential

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Photos by Lauren Rock.

Jessie Cadle | Staff Writer
The anxious circle of children— many of whom dressed up for the theater in princess dresses or superhero suits — leaps to its feet on cue and loudly sings, “Just like a carrot seed, that’s one day small and then a tree.”

At the mention of the word ‘seed,’ the children curl up into tiny balls on the floor, and when the lyrics hit the word ‘tree,’ they jump to their feet, arms stretched high above them.

They are part of the cast of The Giant Carrot, a collaborative event between Chautauqua Theater Company and Children’s School, which had two performances for two different age groups at 9:30 and 10 a.m. on Thursday at Children’s School.

The morning started with CTC conservatory member Kelsey Didion leading the kids in a series of warm-ups. They stretched their faces wide like lions, then tight as if biting a lemon, and stood on their toes as trees before scrunching up like seeds.

The children then learned the words to the song, which they had to perform five to seven times during the 15-minute play. The Giant Carrot follows a farmer and his family as they try to grow a carrot on their land, and it is only Sweet Little Isabel who makes the carrot grow with her song.

The story starred five conservatory members and one member of the staff. The Giant Carrot featured Max Roll as narrator, Josh Tobin as Carrot, Sathya Sridharan as Tall Papa Joe, Stephen Spencer as Wide Mama Bess, Leicester Landon as Strong Brother Abel, and Sarah Hartmann as Sweet Little Isabel.

But the children stole the show as the excited and endearing choir, who helped the giant carrot grow through a magical tune.