Submissions due for CLAF’s Favorite Poem Project event

Jennifer Shore | Staff Writer

Submissions for the Favorite Poem Project, sponsored by Chautauqua Literary Arts Friends, are due today in Alumni Hall.

To participate in the reading, Chautauquans must turn in a copy of their favorite poem, a brief description of why it is important to them and with a form, which is provided in the Literary Arts Center.

“Poetry does not have to be something that people are afraid of — poetry can be something that people enjoy, that people don’t have to over-analyze,” said Karen Weyant, Chautauqua Literary Arts Friends board member.

Seventeen chosen readers will read the poems at 4 p.m. next Wednesday in the Hall of Philosophy, which will allow participants to share their favorite poems by established authors.

“I think the average Chautauquan just going to listen is a good experience,” Weyant said. “However, if they actually want to take part of it, I think it’s a chance to read a poem out loud that they enjoy and share that poem with others.”