Bubbly music awaits Massey concert today

Jessica White | Staff Writer

Chautauqua organist Jared Jacobsen said he can make the Massey Memorial Organ sound like a
bubbling fountain.

To correspond with Week Four’s theme, “Water Matters,” Jacobsen will perform a brief concert titled “Water Music” at 12:15 p.m. today in the Amphitheater. The title of the program comes from the piece “Water Music” by Handel.

Jacobsen will also play “La Brume (The Mist)” by Harvey Gaul, which he played last week on the Tallman Organ, and “Naïades” by Louis Vierne, which he played Tuesday on the Tallman, to show what one piece can sound like on two very different organs.

“Fountain Reverie” by Percy Fletcher will be the perfect piece to illustrate water with sound, Jacobsen said, because it uses stops on the organ that have a liquid quality to them.

“If you play a bunch of notes that are very close together on the scale — just back and forth, and back and forth — you get something that sounds like bubbling water, with little splashes here and there,” he said. “It’s one of my favorite pieces to play on the Massey Organ because it just suits the organ so well.”