Tallman provides soundtrack for typical Chautauqua day

Jessica White | Staff Writer

Chautauqua organist Jared Jacobsen will perform a Tallman Tracker Organ Mini-Concert that paints with music a typical day at Chautauqua at 12:15 p.m. today in the Hall of Christ.

The concert is titled “A Fine Summer’s Day,” and will feature a piece called “On Chautauqua Lake” that Jacobsen found years ago at a flea market and has played on Old First Night every year since.

Jacobsen will also play “In Summer” by Hugo Stebbins, “La Brume (The Mist)” by Harvey Gaul and “Told by the Campfire” by Hugo Goodwin — mimicking a day’s progression.

“ ‘Told by the Campfire’ seemed appropriate to me for the earlier days of Chautauqua when people would light fires at dusk and just sit around and tell stories,” Jacobsen said.

“These days, if you walk around the grounds late at night, you see people on their porches checking their email, so the glow of the campfire has been replaced by the glow of the digital screen,” he said. “But it has sort of the same feeling — you know, that you’re in the dark, the place is quieting down, and these people are connecting, except digitally with people all over the world.”