Time travel, exploration, fairies, pirates: Children’s School hinges on imagination

Leah Harrison | Staff Writer

This week, Children’s School focuses on the imagination. Kids ages 3, 4 and 5 will go on adventures to various places and times every day from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., and storyteller Jay Stetzer, from All in a Story Productions, will return.

Stetzer, who will spend the whole week with the children, believes stories compel through their combinations of spoken word and willing imaginations.

“A good story will always carry a meaningful message,” Stetzer wrote on his website, “something of value that can be employed in the listener’s daily life. My job is not to point that meaning out, but to simply tell the story. Then the listener can discover what he or she can take from the tale and cherish as life goes on.”

Stetzer often employs music in his stories and will work with Children’s School music teacher Annie Palmquist.

In addition to hearing Stetzer’s stories, the children will engage in daily themes designed around their own imaginations. Today, children will explore any place in the past or future they can conjure. Through time travel, they can access dinosaurs, cavemen or futuristic flying cars.

Tuesday, the children will be explorers. Their destination is up to their imagination, whether it takes them to the West Indies or Antarctica. They’ll be joined by “Chautauqua Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Mark.”

In a trip to the small Ravine to make fairy gardens, children will imagine medieval times on Wednesday. They will construct small houses of bark for their tiny, winged friends.

After reading “How to Become a Pirate,” the children will look for buried treasure on Thursday. Who can guess what riches have been hidden beneath the sand?

Friday, they will go into the future, but not the way Marty McFly did. They can examine space ships, planetary travel and humans living with Martians.

Also happening at Children’s School this week are painting to music and an introduction to the cello and bass from students in the School of Music.