BTG Lake Walk gives tour of wastewater plant

Parts of the Chautauqua sewage treatment plant, including the primary clarifiers, date to 1893, when the Institution became the first fully serviced community in the country. Photo by Greg Funka.

Beverly Hazen | Staff Writer

Interested in the processes of accessing drinking water from Chautauqua Lake or wastewater removal at the sewer plant?

Tom Cherry, operations supervisor for the Chautauqua Utility District, will conduct a Lake Walk at 6:30 p.m. today titled ”Water — Before and After.” Cherry will begin at the Heinz Fitness Center covered porch (below the YAC) on South Lake Drive at the corner of South.

“I will have some pictures of the wastewater plant,” Cherry said. “I also have some more archival information from Jon Schmitz and some from The Chautauquan.”

Cherry will show photographs, some dated as early as 1890, of workers installing sewer mains and building manholes.

The main focus of today’s event will be walking to the wastewater plant, located south of the Boys’ and Girls’ Club campus. Cherry will lead a tour of the plant.

The Bird, Tree & Garden Club sponsors the Lake Walk in partnership with the Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy.