VACI’s Gallery Store sells affordable, unique artwork


The Gallery Store in Strohl Art Center. Photo by Megan Tan.

Elora Tocci | Staff Writer

The art galleries at Chautauqua have plenty of quality work on display, but if it’s out of your price range or you’re looking for a different type of art, head to The Gallery Store in Strohl Art Center.

Store manager Eileen Petre said she looks for interesting, affordable art to sell in the store. This summer, she selected a unique mix of glass, jewelry, pottery and decorative art from 57 North American artists. A handful of them are Chautauqua residents, but most hail from places scattered throughout the Northeast and other parts of the continent. Some artists are nationally renowned, while others are brand new on the art scene.

Petre said the store does not sell much two-dimensional work, because the galleries display that. However, pieces from the “Animal Craft” and “Out of the Blue” shows that closed earlier in the season are on display in and around the store for Chautauquans who may have missed them. Some artists who sold their work in the Craft Alliance shows also are selling work in the store.

Petre said the most popular items tend to be the jewelry pieces. She said much of the jewelry and other items for sale are inexpensive, quality gifts people can purchase for their hosts or friends during their stay at Chautauqua. The proceeds are split between the artists and the Visual Arts at Chautauqua Institution programming. VACI Partners members receive a 10 percent discount on their purchases on Saturdays.

Petre said artists who sell their work in the store can send business cards and website information, which she distributes freely for customers who might want to make more purchases from particular artists during the holidays or at other times throughout the year. Artists who are interested in selling their work during the 2012 Season can contact Petre at She said she spends all winter grouping items together and that she looks for well-designed, well-made, unique work.

The store will be open until Aug. 24.