CPOA to make annual board of trustees nomination at meeting

Taylor Rogers | Staff Writer

The Chautauqua Property Owner Association’s second and final meeting of the season will be at 9 a.m. Saturday in the Hall of Philosophy.

Hugh Butler, president of CPOA, said this meeting will be focused mostly on giving his annual report and announcing the association’s nomination to the Institution’s board of trustees, a right afforded to the CPOA each season.

But Butler said the meeting also will take time to discuss county politics, including the issue of the recent property tax cap. Darin Schulz, director of the Department of Finance for Chautauqua County, will be in attendance.

Butler said Schulz will address the county’s plan in relation to the property tax cap.

The association also will take time to hear from Mark Powers, chief of the Chautauqua Fire Department. Powers currently is working with CPOA on an awning project, which aims to make each home’s street number more visible during the off-season.

Most homes are covered with awnings during the winter, Butler said, making it difficult to read the street numbers. The fire department relies on those numbers when they receive calls, so CPOA is requesting that property owners display their street numbers outside of the awnings.

Butler said they also will take a moment to thank Powers for mobilizing 30 volunteers during the Institution’s July 21 power outage.

“He and those volunteers patrolled the grounds all night long,” he said. “It’s really a great service to the community.”

But each year, this meeting’s central focus is to announce CPOA’s nomination to the board of trustees. Jennifer DeLancey will be nominated this year, as she was last year.

Butler said DeLancey is “focused and energetic.” She worked with Butler on the Shared Space initiative, which aims to make Chautauquans more courteous as they travel the grounds.

DeLancey acted as a liaison between CPOA and Jack Voelker, director of recreation and youth services. With his assistance, the Shared Space logo became more prominent around the grounds, with Boys’ and Girls’ Club counselors wearing T-shirts displaying the logo each Tuesday.

CPOA’s nominating committee goes through a process each year to choose a nominee. It looks at the area representatives, officers and trustees and conducts interviews before making a selection.

Traditionally, any member interested in that nomination first becomes a volunteer to CPOA and then an area representative or officer. Butler said he encourages the committee to cast a wide net each season in search of a nominee.

Butler’s final order of business simply is to encourage attendees to join CPOA.

“We could do more with Shared Space next year and more with outdoor lighting and some other environmental initiatives if we had more property owners and members who would volunteer,” he said, adding that applications will be available for any person interested.