Deadline approaches for lighting awards program

Taylor Rogers | Staff Writer

The Chautauqua Property Owners Association’s annual “Shining Example” recognition awards program is about to conclude.

Bill Neches, chair of the Outdoor Lighting Committee, said the deadline to register or nominate another property is Friday. The awards program is a chance for the committee to recognize those who have filled their surroundings with appropriate, energy-efficient and modernized outdoor lighting.

“The ideal situation is to provide some light to the street, most of the light down but not in your eyes when you’re walking along the street,” Neches said. “We need good light directed in a relatively small area.”

The awards program is part of the committee’s lighting initiative, which began in 2009. The initiative’s overall goal is to improve the outdoor lighting within the Institution by removing some of the harsh, antiquated streetlights and replacing them with lights that are recessed and more welcoming.

Judges will look over the submissions during the week of Aug. 7, Neches said. Judging will be based on aesthetics, safety, quality of life, environmental responsibility and energy efficiency.

Any property owner interested in participating or nominating a home, street, denominational house or apartment building can do so by filling out a registration form. Neches said the forms are located at Smith Memorial Library, the Publications Office, the Colonnade’s information desk and the porch at 21 Ramble Ave.