Group 7 Girls leaders earn ‘Counselors of the Week’ honors


Gabby Salva and Libby Goodell are two of the three Club “Counselors of the Week” for Week Two.’ Photo by Demetrius Freeman.

Patrick Hosken | Staff Writer

At the end of Week Two, three Boys’ and Girls’ Club counselors were decorated with Club’s top honors: the “Counselors of the Week” award.

Gabby Salva, 18, from Napa, Calif., Libby Goodell, 19, from Bronxville, N.Y., and Suzie Tuthill, 17, from Chagrin Falls, Ohio, took home the award last Friday.

The girls, all Group 7 Girls counselors, like to keep their campers active and entertained through physical exercises like tennis, swimming and field games.

Some favorites, they said, are games like “Fire People,” “Monkey Fire” and “Sleeping Beauty.”

“Sleeping Beauty” requires the campers to lie down and pretend to sleep while the counselors try to interrupt their slumber.

The counselors said they tickle them with grass, say funny things or just do anything to try to get them to laugh and move around.

“They’re all so fun, and they’re just such sweet girls,” Goodell said. “We were really lucky to get an amazing group of girls this year.”

When the campers get tired and worn out from all the running around, Goodell said, they play a game called “Psychiatrist.”

One camper will go off by herself while the others sit in a circle. When the lone camper returns, she asks the others questions, which they must answer following a specific rule. During their most recent game, they had to incorporate a song title into their answers.

Goodell is working her second season as a Club counselor, while Salva has been here for three years. Still, as lifelong Chautauquans, the two are very familiar with Club and with the Institution in general.

Neither girl has ever spent a summer at home, they said.

Goodell said it’s the camp crowd that keeps her enthusiastic about coming back to Club year after year.

“It’s a really fun job,” she said. “It’s the best job you could have.”

Getting to be at Chautauqua every summer, Salva said, is the best part about working at Club.

“All these kids — we’ve seen them grow up,” she said, “so actually getting to be their counselor is a really great experience, to see them gradually get older and maybe someday even be counselors.”